Make a Difference With Us 

At invention Academy, you are not just interning at a tech company. You are joining the ranks of passionate IT innovators who are helping you gain work experience and realize your potential.

Here, you will become part of our community and gain the experience to kick-start your career.

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Internship at Invention Academy

Whether, you are a recent graduate or still studying, Invention Academy offers many opportunities to help you develop your skills and launch your career.

Our remote internship program is a project-based internship experience which can be done remotely without the need to be physically present at our office. It will help you showcase your skills, gain invaluable professional experience, learn the business and prove your ability to tackle the demands and face challenges.

As an intern, you will get a taste of true work life with innovative and challenging projects.

Our remote internship program includes:

  • 4-6 weeks internship program.

  • Training and mentorship.

  • Real-world projects

  • Membership in our community

  • Internship certificate

  • Reference Letter

What We Do.

At Invention Academy, we develop Intelligent Systems and Applications to accelerate digital transformation for businesses and boost economic growth in the age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Our IT innovator teams create scalable tools for our partners to deliver a seamless experience to customers. From creating customized solutions to everyday problems to building Big/smart data analysis systems, engineering smart control systems and beyond,  we build the technological infrastructure to reshape the future of IT.

How We Do It.

Internships in Invention Academy participate on building Intelligent Systems and Applications projects. You will work with our IT teams to gain skills built on collaborative combination of innovation, expertise and passion. Our IT teams work on the cutting edge of technologies to create advanced Intelligent Systems and Applications.

Our Values


We constantly foster progress, innovation and creativity at a rapid pace with a common goal of improving people’s lives.


We create sustainable value for our customers by providing creative solutions they need for their success.


We build trusted and secure solutions and we are committed to the success of our partners.


We simplify the system management and provide tools to help businesses increase their productivity.



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