We create the Next-Generation Education 4.0 Platforms managed by Humans and Artificial Intelligence. We provide educator with tools to perform full-featured pedagogical e-learning experience:

Differentiated Instruction

Our paltform allows instructor to adopt the differentiated instruction and to respect variances and differences in the learning environment and allows students to achieve their goals according to their preferences and abilities because each student is unique and deserves a tailored learning according to his abilities.

Active Learning

Encourage the Active learning and gives students the opportunity to engage effectively in the learning process by interacting and positively participating in activities and projects to help them develop their creative abilities and motivate them to think outside the box and find innovative solutions.

Multiple Intelligence

Respect the difference of intelligence between students in the learning process and helps them enhance their skills and capabilities in solving problems and finding innovative solutions outside the box.

Project-based Learning

Help instructor adopt a powerful pedagogical approach designed to help students acquire knowledge and skills based on projects that focus on challenges and solving problems they may face in the real world using different tools and programs to put into practice the new acquired knowledge and skills.

Problem-based Learning

Allow instructor to present students with real-life problems and scenarios they need to investigate and analyze to find potential solutions while identifying what skills or knowledge they need to effectively manage the situation and be effective and creative.

Distance Learning Experience

Deliver distant online courses designed so students can study according to their own schedules, wherever they are in the world, even if they are not in a physical classroom. All what they need is an Internet connection.


Help instructor integrate elements of games into the learning process to enhance students ability to easily assimilate learning materials, to effectively motivate their participation and to help them progress along the learning path, develop creative skills and encourage innovative and creative ideas.

Self-paced Courses

Allow students to progress at a pace that suits them. They can access courses whenever they want. They need only an Internet connection. They are provided with continuous assessment to help them understand course materials and progress in their learning paths.


Help instructor to continuously assess students using quizzes to evaluate their progress in the course. Results of their quizzes can be used as a guide to assess their understanding of the material, so they can go back and review relevant sections.

Final Exam

The final exam is given at the end of each course. Our platform provides tools to instructor to easily create exams which may contain different types of questions. Instructor can configure how many attempts are allowed, the minimum passing score to pass the exam and if it is marked automatically or manually...